_DSC7214_2I am a girl who loves to talk, to go deep, to try and understand what makes it all work – or not work.  I’ve never been satisfied with the surface because what lies beneath holds the answers.

Like the woman at the well, I seek truth.  But when I come to the well I don’t find truth exactly.  I find relationship, and it’s through relationship that truth is then exposed.  Now it should be noted that I’m an introvert and my gut reaction is to avoid the hard work of relationship and seek solace with my own thoughts, read a book, or watch a movie.   But even I recognize the space in my heart that longs to be filled with meaningful exchange.  How valuable is truth if there is nowhere to take it?  Truth and relationship are inextricably connected.  Therein lies meaningful exchange.  Truth and relationship.   When I leave that place and that time, I’m not the same as I came, and I know I’m the better for it.  This is the very heart of @The Well.

I am a girl who is a wife and a mother, pursuing my dreams.  One day I was a hard-charging, highly motivated, career-minded woman and suddenly I found myself at home with a newborn baby wondering if my career aspirations would ever come about.  With each passing year, those possibilities dissolved.  Was I disappointed?  That’s hard to say because something was happening.  When I was young I visualized myself as a successful executive somewhere and I never saw myself crafting with other moms at my local MOPS group.

This was not chance.  I was a truth seeker and my God was seeking me.  He drew me to the well at the end of my first year in MOPS, and I began to see things differently.  That was six years ago.  I’m still a hard-charging, highly motivated woman.  The difference now is that I allowed my time at the well to change me.  I have a new vision for my life, and a defined purpose.  To actually live with purpose is….well, just about the best thing I’ve experienced.

I hope you’ll join me here.  I wish it could be over coffee (I’m not really a coffee drinker but I adore the coffee culture), so this will do for now.  Let’s discuss things.  Figure things out.  See what He wants to show us.  And share.  No one who comes to the well leaves unchanged!